Kombucha bottles

Our Story

I started brewing kombucha in my kitchen four years ago in Melbourne and have since developed a passion for fermented food and drinks.

When I moved to Cambodia I noticed that there weren't many kombucha options in stores or cafes, so I started brewing it again for myself. 

I began sharing my brews and flavour experiments with friends, who loved it and often wanted more, lamenting the lack of kombucha in Cambodia. And so the idea for Tangy Turtle Probiotics was born.

Our small-scale production is 100% natural, raw, unpasteurised, vegan and gluten free. We love to experiment with whole fruits, herbs and spices to create the best tasting kombucha you can find.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is simply fermented tea. Friendly bacteria and yeasts are combined with sweetened tea to produce a refreshing and lightly effervescent low-sugar drink. Aside from being absolutely delicious, kombucha is loaded with probiotics and natural acids that are hugely beneficial for gut health and strengthened immunity.

    Why the turtle?

    In Native American and Chinese cultures, the turtle symbolises good health and longevity. A survivor by design, turtles have the ability to protect themselves from harm and often live for up to 150 years. 

    Kombucha also has protective properties that promote good health and enhance overall well-being.

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