how do we make kombucha?

Our process follows the centuries old method of primary and secondary fermentation.  

First, we brew a very large pot of tea and add sugar, essential for the fermentation process.

Once the sweet tea has cooled, we add the live culture, aka the SCOBY - symbotic colony of bacteria and yeast - in a glass jar.

Then we wait.

Over the course of about a week the SCOBY consumes most of the sugar and ferments the tea, producing natural acids and probiotics in the process.

The second fermentation stage involves bottling the tea into airtight jars and adding the fresh ingredients as flavours.

Over the next few days the kombucha continues to ferment and carbonate, resulting in a delicious bubbly drink.

Once the perfect balance of sweet and tang is achieved, we bottle it up quick smart and deliver it fresh to your door!